Get to know us.

BELLAPIZO was created back in 2010 by Ayenn Jamal — who single handedly bloomed the brand until Sheila came into the picture in 2016 and decided to venture the business together.

It is a huge market in the fashion industry and to be honest, Bellapizo is just like a tiny little sprout brand among others, however, one thing that is our foreground is that we never compromise on quality and value in every piece of Bellapizo. Each of the pieces created and soon to create are heavily thought on from A-Z. Only the best ones make the cut.

When you dress yourselves in one of ours, that is the product labour of our love towards fashion. Huge gratitude and thankfulness for the love and support that you have put towards us. Due to the endless support, BELLAPIZO is here today, growing and still learning to be better everyday.